styrofoam printed pattern


2 books eleven by fifteen inches - drum leaf binding - ten letterpress poster eachPosterbooks

styrofoam print

styrofoam printing experiment


Banner I painted for Reed's Renn Fayre party this weekend

city of letters

Text set in AGP Twopiece extruded into a city

recent digital typefaces

copies of versal caps from the Luttrell Psalter with illustrations 5 x 6.25 inches Sewn on deerskin cords, birch ply cover

recent digital typefaces

more recent digital typefaces

recent digital typefaces

some recent digital typefaces

poster collection 10
poster collection 10

Drum leaf bindings 7.5 x 12 inch (15 x 24 in posters cover wrapped with inside out coffee bags and calligraphy practice sheets) and 11 x 15 inches (15 x 22 inch letterpress printed posters - turmeric stained birch ply covers)

poster collection 9

Fold out drum leaf binding of eighteen 15 x 24 in letterpress printed posters - 7.5 x 12 inches - cover wrapped with calligraphy practice sheets