pinecone necklace
Carolyn models drilled and strung baby pinecones


Was introduced to Bagels, Schmearts, and a Nice Piece of Fish by Cathy Barrow and added bagels to my baking rotation - adapted the recipe to use my sourdough starter and part whole wheat flour. This one is topped with Orange Habanero Salt and poppy seeds

Never Missal the Bollocks

Recent project Missal style lyrics to Sex Pistols album 12.75 x 20 inches

t-shirt book

Accordion-fold binding of letterpress prints. t-shirt fabric covered boards

Meat is murder sign

Tempera brush lettering notebook sketch

canyon day banner

another banner for Reed 3 x 7 feet

poster book volume 14

20 more 15 x 24 inch letterpress posters folded drum leaf binding eight by twelve and a half inches


tempera and brushes


styrofoam printed pattern


2 books eleven by fifteen inches - drum leaf binding - ten letterpress poster each