Wisecracking Through the Ages

Last printing and binding project of 2022. Progress of Civilization or Wisecracking through the Ages a short list from the internet 1895 - 1930 24 pages - letterpress printed and one case and two paper bound.


Stab binding scrap paper book

Berry Why I will not Buy a Computer

Hand lettered a 1988 Wendell Berry piece from Harpers Magazine - Why I will not Buy a Computer on very light Tomoe River Paper, casebound the slim volume

bound postcards
bound postcards

Stab bindings of a stack of postcards I have received and collected over the years

Baking in Lyon printout

I would much rather read a book than a screen, so if I come across something online that I might want to read again, I set it in one of my typefaces and bind it. Baking Bread in Lyon by Bill Buford from The New Yorker set in an italic I wrote and made into a font, laserprinted on Mohawk Superfine bright white eggshell, 80# text, 36 pages two-section pamphlet stitched, case bound.

198 Methods of Nonviolent Action copied

198 Methods of Nonviolent Action from the Albert Einstein Institution copied into a scrap paper book. 36 pages, 6 x 8.5 inches, pamplet stitch, various styles of pen and brush writing, black and red ink and white gouache.

 trio sleeves and box

another model copied from the internet. A hinged triple slipcase and a box from scrap masonite.


and a single box made from pieces I cut too small

 turkish map fold

related prints about skateboarding and baking. Turkish map fold

quadruple turkish map fold

four quadruple turkish map fold pages with cover


a trio of posters folded in ninths and bound

quadruple turkish map fold

three quadruple turkish map fold pages pasted back to back with covers

Turkish Map fold book
Turkish Map fold book open

Glued up several Turkish Map folded calligraphy practice pages in a cover made of scavenced corrugated cardboard


Ezra Sank


Redid a book I made as a school project in 1973, My Favorite Poems‚ handwritten and illustrated‚ bound with rubber cement and staples‚ covered in baggy turquoise corduroy. New version is 6x6 inches taking inspiration from Sister Corita’s I Believe In ... series. With cut-up letterpress prints brush lettered in black and white, sewn on cords case bound. I tried to match the corduroy.


Paraphrasing a passage from Interface by Stephen Bury

poster book

25 letterpress posters drum-leaf binding 12x15 inches

scrap books

pamphlet-sewn studio scrap notebooks

Never Mind the Bollocks lyrics

Finished binding this project today. Started writing the Lyrics to Never Mind the Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols almost five months ago. Sumi Ink‚ gouache and pencils on Arches text. 13 x 20 inches sewn on deerskin split thongs, laced into birch ply boards covered with Green and Pink vinyl with black rubber spine covering, 132 pages

Music books

Saw a call for submissions of “projects based on your favorite song.” Who has one favorite song? I have done several calligraphy and bookbinding projects based on music. Paul’s Boutique lyrics‚ Supremes Can’t Hurry Love‚ Patti Smith Babelogue Gang Of Four Anthrax and most recently a 13 x 20 blackletter hymnal-style Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols lyrics that I haven’t bound yet.

Miyazaki on Takei Sanseido book
handmade woodtype font
totoro dingbat

Letterpress book 12 x 15 inches, Handmade woodtype featuring a quotation from Hayao Miyazaski - What Takei Sanseido Means To Me

Letterpress posters bound

Twelve 15 x 24 inch letterpress posters map folded and bound into a twelve by five inch book

Slitscan audience

Letterpress nine by twelve inches book excerpt from Virtual Light, by William Gibson

stab bind poster book

25 sheets plus cover letterpress posters stab binding twelve and a half by nineteen inches

Never Missal the Bollocks

Recent project Missal style lyrics to Sex Pistols album 12.75 x 20 inches

t-shirt book

Accordion-fold binding of letterpress prints. t-shirt fabric covered boards

poster book volume 14

20 more 15 x 24 inch letterpress posters folded drum leaf binding eight by twelve and a half inches


2 books eleven by fifteen inches - drum leaf binding - ten letterpress poster each

PosterbooksBinding the 356 posters I made last year - 14 volumes so far

recent digital typefaces

copies of versal caps from the Luttrell Psalter with illustrations 5 x 6.25 inches Sewn on deerskin cords, birch ply cover

poster collection 10
poster collection 10

Drum leaf bindings 7.5 x 12 inch (15 x 24 in posters cover wrapped with inside out coffee bags and calligraphy practice sheets) and 11 x 15 inches (15 x 22 inch letterpress printed posters - turmeric stained birch ply covers)

poster collection 9

Fold out drum leaf binding of eighteen 15 x 24 in letterpress printed posters - 7.5 x 12 inches - cover wrapped with calligraphy practice sheets‚ deerskin spine wrap

Paul’s Boutique Lyrics

Paul’s Boutique Lyrics with each song in a different style‚ sewn on cords laced through turmeric stained birch ply covers 9 x 12 inches, 150 pages

poster bookposter book

Fold out drum leaf binding of sixteen 15 x 24 in letterpress printed posters - 7.5 x 12 inches - cover wrapped with inside out coffee bags

learning to write

single sheet book, recycled cardboard envelope cover 7 x 13 inches closed

poster book
poster book anim

Fold out drum leaf binding of twenty 24 x 15 inch letterpress printed posters - 12 x 7.5 inches


Sixth Drum leaf bound volume of 15 posters - the last of the 12x18 stuff from last year

posters 2
posters 2anim

Drum binding of 13 letterpress prints


Anita Bigelow’s Genizah book structureGenizah


Custom binding-Hellboy in Hell 10 issue comicbook series

posters 1b
posters 1b
posters 1

Drum binding of 11 letterpress prints


Turkish map fold with covers


Mom's Tsukemono recipe


Practicing bookbinding this year


THINGS I LOVED - pamphlet stitched letterpress prints - 9.625 x 12.5 inches


Anthrax lyrics by Gang of Four - pointed pen uncial casebound - 5.25 x 6.75 inches


The Mad Farmer Flying the Flag of Rough Branch Secedes from the Union by Wendell Berry - pointed pen uncial casebound 6.75 x 10.25 inches


Babelogue by Patti Smith - pointed pen uncial accordion fold casebound - 6.25 x 9.375 inches


WORD PROCESSOR - Pamphlet stitched letterpress prints - 11 x 14 inches

PB sections

The Pau’s Boutique lyrics project completed and awaiting binding


my first attempt at a stone chop and the impression in the Paul’s Boutique project

bound chinese calligraphy handouts
bound chinese calligraphy handouts

bound the handouts from my Chinese calligraphy class using practice sheets for the cover


Crow quill pen wrapped with tape and thread to make it easier to write with


Another spread from the Paul's Boutique calligraphy project this one inspired by Arthur Baker


bound some leaves into little books, they all whitered though. Red one is grape, little brown one is maple and the other two are fig


bound some printing scraps into little books


Wrote out the lyrics to Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique using a different style for each song.

Monday’s Child written in white gouache on dried leaves bound into a little book

Monday’s Child

animation of part of a letterpress book project of Herbert - Dune Litany against fear.

Book project Herbert - Dune - Litany against fear.

Animation of six letterpress prints which eventually became a book.


animated view of the pages of a small letterpress book. imagine a world without leaf-blowers skritch skritch skritch.  mixed letter sizes on each page a single sheet folded to make eight pages with a single fold-out image on the back side

single sheet book

I dreamed I was a Super Nova ...

letterpress book, lyrics from Supercharger Heaven by White Zombie

Three bindings

sewn on cords, Coptic and protected multi-section pampmphlet stich. Lyrics from the Minutemen, The Glory of Man