MC Shahn type
Hand cut 10line woodype of my MC Shahn typeface

Letterpress posters bound
Twelve 15 x 24 inch letterpress posters map folded and bound into a twelve by five inch book

Slitscan audience
Letterpress nine by twelve inches book excerpt from Virtual Light, by William Gibson

Tile line of my backyard bowl

painted letters
Enamel on scrap wood, inspired by the work of Margaret Kilgallen

stab bind poster book25 sheets plus cover letterpress posters stab binding twelve and a half by nineteen inches

hot dog on a stick graphic
Colors of the hat inspired the graphic

13 year-old coping

pinecone necklace
Carolyn models drilled and strung baby pinecones


Was introduced to Bagels, Schmearts, and a Nice Piece of Fish by Cathy Barrow and added bagels to my baking rotation - adapted the recipe to use my sourdough starter and part whole wheat flour. This one is topped with Orange Habanero Salt and poppy seeds

Never Missal the Bollocks

Recent project Missal style lyrics to Sex Pistols album 12.75 x 20 inches