Bowl birthday grinds Bowl birthday Bowl birthday

Rode 13 different boards to commemorate the 13th anniversary of the bowl


Before and after of the Plum Torte recipe from the New York Times to freeze for later.

Bowl birthday

Finished pouring the last of the deck for my backyard bowl September 20 2009

Kid Code typeface

A typeface based on the old treehouse tictactoe secret code


Paraphrasing a passage from Interface by Stephen Bury

poster book

25 letterpress posters drum-leaf binding 12x15 inches

scrap books

pamphlet-sewn studio scrap notebooks

canned nashi

Canned three quarts and four pints of backyard nashi

BEC sandwich

Had another go at the BEC. The recipe has you wrap it in parchment to steam a little. I used homemade sourdough today.

Never Mind the Bollocks lyrics

Finished binding this project today. Started writing the Lyrics to Never Mind the Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols almost five months ago. Sumi Ink‚ gouache and pencils on Arches text. 13 x 20 inches sewn on deerskin split thongs, laced into birch ply boards covered with Green and Pink vinyl with black rubber spine covering