shopping list typeface

turned my street milagros cross into a brush rack.

shopping list typeface

typeface from my chalkboard shopping list.

Bound practice sheets

Saw an image of a bookstand online, realized I could display some of my large books. Bound 11 x 17 inch calligraphy practice sheets.

Bound letters for an italic typeface

Bamboo bookstand displaying bound 11 x 14 inch letter sheets I did for an italic computer typeface

color fonts

Bitmap color fonts, finally figured out to load the SVG format versions to get them to display properly.

6 bottlecaps tied into a cube

If you put it on the internet they will copy. Paid in blood before I filed the sharp edges of the nail holes.



Adapted the recipe for Cooked Cereal Muffins from The Joy of Cooking. I used 2/3 whole wheat flour and topped with some rolled oats for crunch. Good use for leftover oatmeal and a breakfast alternative.

Wanted some fat numerals for a printing project.

Wrote some fat numerals and then added the uncials to make a typeface.

Got a few last tomatoes from the garden to ripen, made salsa cruda and had it with scrambled eggs and bacon on fried corn tortillas.