learning to write

single sheet book, recycled cardboard envelope cover 7 x 13 inches closed

poster bookposter book

Fold out drum leaf binding of sixteen 15 x 24 in letterpress printed posters - 7.5 x 12 inches - cover wrapped with inside out coffee bags

poster book
poster book anim

Fold out drum leaf binding of twenty 24 x 15 inch letterpress printed posters - 12 x 7.5 inches


Portland Stamp Co sells stamp perfed and gummed sheetsa, I printed out this sheet representing 25 of my digital typefaces


Sixth Drum leaf bound volume of 15 posters - the last of the 12x18 stuff from last year

posters 2
posters 2anim

Drum binding of 13 letterpress prints


Custom binding-Hellboy in Hell 10 issue comicbook series

posters 1b
posters 1b
posters 1

Drum binding of 11 letterpress prints


Water bomb base fold with covers


Mom's Tsukemono recipe