large stacked letter g drawn with my garage-coit pen rough quill lettering on the side reads the stacked g is one of my favorites

garage coit g

Flickering animation of four Letterpress print reading NEO-Tokyo is about to explode


Rough lettering of A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog written with a quill pen manipulated the pen to vary the line thickness within the letters

quill abuse

a backlit wall made of blocks of snow shot at night

Creative snow cleanup

Letterpress poster reading PEN FIFTEEN CLUB

Grade school prank

Loaf of sourdough bread showing an attractive crumb

Getting some good action from my sourdough starter

waterlettering batarde bitches

water writing

Made a broom with some bamboo

Used the bamboo broom to write some uncial letters with rainwater


Animated letterpress prints WE’LL PROBABLY GET FOOLED AGAIN a cynical response to the song by The Who

Response to the song by The Who

Letterpress print SUPERB OWL LV black letters over fluorescent pink and yellow letters

Stole this idea from a picture I saw of a novelty t-shirt