Animated letterpress prints read AND BUT & OR GET YOU PRETTY FAR! from Conjunction junction

Schoolhouse Rock

Don’ BE A CREEP letterpress print brown ink with some mesh texture on wrinkled paper from a recycled flour sack

After reading Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline and being disappointed what a creep his main character turned into.

Animated letterpress prints read WAS MACHTS DU?

Conjunction Junction …

Letterpress print on woven strips of cut up letterpress prints says WASN’T A TRIP I’D BE ANXIOUS TO REPEAT

a sheet made from woven strips of letterpress printed paper

Reflecting on life in the year 2020

Animated letterpress prints read THIS IS THE ERA WHERE EVERYBODY CREATES lyric from PATTI SMITH.

PATTI SMITH - So You Want to Be

Dried apple head on a dog-chewed Lala teletubbies doll


Animatedletterpress prints read ALL THE SQUARES GO HOME lyric from Sly and the Family Stone.

Sly and the Family Stone - Dance to the Music

a page of uncial ds after Arthur Baker
a page of uncial ds after Arthur Baker

Folded pen experiments after Arthur Baker

Animatedletterpress prints read DISCO DOWN AND CHECK OUT the SHOW!lyric from Wild Cherry.

Wild Cherry - Play That Funky Music

scratchy batarde lettered Charles Eames quotation The title of Artist has to be earned in ink with coit style pen handmade from an olive oil can.
coit style nib handmade from an olive oil can.small coit style nib handmade from a pop can.

Garage Coit pens handmade after reading about Arthur Baker making his own pens.