Animatedletterpress prints reading FUNKY SHIT GOING DOWN IN THE CITY lyric from Steve Miller Band.

Steve Miller Band - Jet Airliner

Animation of the word - yeah - spinning, showing symmetry in my AGP Square Kufin typeface.

I have a saved example of the word yeah showing this same symmetry, excited that it works in my typeface.

Song lyrics containing the word - yeah - by The Beatles and Steve Miller Band and White Zomebie and Devo animated in a typeface inspired by Square Kufic Arabic script.

type inspired by square Kufic Arabic Script designs.

animation of part of a letterpress book project of Herbert - Dune Litany against fear.

Book project Herbert - Dune - Litany against fear.

blackletter dishu - skate while the bowl is dry.batarde dishu - dehydrate dagnabbit.italic dishu - invert written upside down from the deck.

I built a skate-bowl in my backyard in 2009, Since I can’t skate when it’s wet I have taken to practicing my calligraphy on the walls with water and a dishu-style foam brush I made out of an old bamboo ski-pole.

animation of boro-inspired letterpress texture prints.

Boro Boro Boro

black letter

High contrast blackletter typeface experiment.

Letterpress print orange to yellow to aqua fountain left to right - Just Grotesque. large letters for G R O T E S

Just Grotesque. Letterpress print on recycled kraft flour sack.

Letterpress print white type on red with  diagonal slashes of black through the type - Model Citizen Zero Discipline.

I listened to the song Panama by VanHalen after the death of Eddie Van Halen was announced and caught this lyric. Letterpress print.

Partial loaf plus a slice of fruit-topped banana bread.Fruit-topped banana bread.

Fig Walnut Banana bread with Italian prunes. Figs and prunes from the backyard.

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