Three plastic containers with different colored homemade sherbet and one of homemade ice-cream. Dark purple grape, lighter red violet Italian Prune, Pale yellow pear and light lavender blueberry ice-cream that's almost gone

Homemade Sherbets and ice-cream. Grape, Italian Prune, Pear sherbets from backyard fruit, Blurberry ice-cream from you-pick berries

Stylized skulls carved to decorate the vertical support of a 45 degee slant board.

Copied some skulls from a Dia de los Muertos themed box onto my calligraphy slant board.

image of a pair of handmade chopsticks on a woodgrain background.

Whittled (sawed, carved, sanded) some chopsticks from a hard piece of wood from a dead limb of an old plum tree..

Photo of jarred purple-skinned golden-fleshed Italian prunes raw-packedin very light syrup from a tree in my backyardPhoto of jarred purple-skinned golden-fleshed Italian prunes raw-packed in very light syrup from a tree in my backyard

Italian prunes from the backyard.

Suke-to Bo-do the japanese pronunciation of skateboard brush lettered Katakana letters in white enamel on a black hammerhead and diamond tailed skateboard I cut out at a demo for Create a Skate a few years ago

(Suke-to Bo-do)

Drawing I made from a photo of Shiko Munakate Japanese print artist

Shiko Munakata.

MAKE TYPE set in in AGP Difficult a bitmap opentype typeface I made from some letters crudely scratched with leftover printing ink onto paper and then scanned

So psyched to be able to set my own typefaces on my phone.

Animation of six letterpress prints which will become a book eventually.


Animation of five monotypes made by scratching on paper laid over my inking area before cleanup.


Animation of five letterpress impressions of an assemblage of geometric shapes into letters that spell RAD ICA LIZ. Three lines, three letters per line in aquamarine blue over scribbled monotype backgrounds in red and blue. The animation fades from image to to image through the series, repeating endlessly.

... my ride.


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