Five letterpress printed versions of the phrase - never gets old - in diferent configurations of my custom AGP Grotesque sans serif alphabet and hand cut letters. The animation fades from image to to image through the series, repeating endlessly.

Five variations on a theme

Animation of prints made during cleanup of multiple colors of excess ink in streaks and scratches with cropped letterforms from other printing projects, the images are cropped into a horizontal rectangle and a noisy and frenetic texture is the result.

Making textures

distorted image of my face wearing a homemade protctive mask crudely hand embroidered with a bible verse: Amos monoline grotesk style alphabet>
<p> Amos 4:10, I SENT AMONG YOU A PESTILENCE. An attempt to put an ironically humorous spin on the necessity of wearing a mask in everyday life and inspired bthe work of quilt artist Rosie Lee Tomkins.

animation of four impressions of a letterpress print in the style of a boxing card poster that reads - SPIRITUS VS. MAMMON COMMERCE VS. HONOR NOV 3RD

Four posters

animated view of the pages of a small letterpress book. imagine a world without leaf-blowers skritch skritch skritch.  mixed letter sizes on each page a single sheet folded to make eight pages with a single fold-out image on the back side

single sheet book

close-up photo of speckly burnt and blistered paint texture in grays, blacks and whites. A sharkskin or ray-skin like texture reminiscent of japanese sword handles

Made some cool photographs at the skatepark.

Animated crop of letterpress printed poster that reads - THE PATRIARCHY AIN'T GONNA SMASH ITSELF - printed with my custom snas-serif letters in black and red printed over waste ink background textures on brown kraft paper>

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