little sailboat in a puddle made with a walnut shell and bamboo leaf

little boat

streaky white ink on glass

leftover ink texture

brush made with dead japanese forest grass leaves with bamboo handle

art brush made from yard debris

murky phonecam photo of my backyard skate bowl taken at night

Night bowl

Monday’s Child written in white gouache on dried leaves bound into a little book

Monday’s Child

GOT HAGGIS? lettered in uncials using a trowel in snow



heavy hand lettering FIVE FINGERS OF LIFE

fat letters

BRE AKF AST NOW folded pen square caps

Folded pen square caps

zuckfuckerberg written with a folded pen in walnut ink


Rough lettering of When the rice is placed in the iron cooking pot, take care of it so that rats do not fall into it or idlers hang around poking at it

Rice Rats