Poached Egg and cheese with garden produce on a homemade everything bagel.

Sins Tee

Copied a piece from my notebook onto a t-shirt with acrylics.


had to make a longer punching cradle for the 20 inch tall Never Mind the Bollocks… book.

shoes 2

Sewed the first shoe attempt into soles. The soles came in whole sizes and so I bought one smaller and one larger. I used the smaller for these. A little snug but I wore them all day yesterday.


Made a brush from long hair from between our dog’s toes


Made some shoes with a kit from Tandy and some deerskin I had. Soles are available much cheaper from other sources, you will need tools though

Music books

Saw a call for submissions of “projects based on your favorite song.” Who has one favorite song? I have done several calligraphy and bookbinding projects based on music. Paul’s Boutique lyrics‚ with each song in a different style which took a couple of months to complete. Supremes Can’t Hurry Love‚ Patti Smith Babelogue Gang Of Four Anthrax and most recently a 13 x 20 blackletter hymnal-style Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols lyrics that I haven’t bound yet.

apple pie

Made a pie with backyard windfall and a few picked apples

type cabinet

Made a cabinet for my letterpress types out of scrap wood

beer goggles

Reused four pack holder and mask elastic