Last good apples of the season baked into a pie with some rhubarb. All butter crust cholesterol levels be damned, I ’m going in!


Got a few small ears of blue corn from the garden this year, Got a little more than 200g of kernels once they dried. Nixtamalized and ground it and made some tortillas.

brush lettering

Brush writing inspired by something I saw on the internet. from Somebody to Love by Jefferson Airplane


Calligraphy inspired by something I saw on the internet. Quoting Herman Hesse “Our ways of enjoying ourselves are hardly less irritating and nerve-racking than the pressure of our work ... this morbid pursuit of enjoyment.”

water writing

Got out the big mop brush the other day

Chuck shirt

Used the celtic knot block I made in Albuquerque to print a Charlie Brown shirt

Seat detail

Made this stool from a slab of cherry wood and some sticks from the woodpile


Visiting my dad in Albuquerque. He had some 4 inch linoleum blocks so I made some letters

Cut a couple of linoleum blocks to try to make a celtic knot border

tiling pattern for a celtic knot border.

Rabbi Yassier written with a sable brush on chinese calligraphy paper

Early morning Arabic calligraphy experiment Rabbi Yassir with a sable brush